The Machine of Sergei Brukhonenko Edit


First of all, Sergei Brukhonenko was a Soviet scientist who's reserched what was vital to the development of open-heart procedures in Russia.

Brukhonenko, will always be remembered for his development of the "autojektor", a primitive heart and lung machine, his development can be seen in the film "Experiments in the Revival of Organisms".

The Failure of "autojektor" Edit


In these early days, this “autojektor” was not hermetically sealed, and eventually the blood supply would coagulate and the system would fail.

Why all this information? Edit

BioWare withdrew the idea of scientist making in Mass Effect 2, Commander Shepard is revived, in which it was impossible to be revived because the Brukhonenko machine was a failure.

Shepard renegade

In fact, when Shepard loses oxygen in space, his body floats a vacuum space-time in which there is no air pressure so it should have exploded.   

Theory SourceEdit

Game Theory Shepard is a ZOMBIE in Mass Effect 2!

Game Theory Shepard is a ZOMBIE in Mass Effect 2!